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RANDOLPH In the settlement of a country, destined from its soil, climate and local situation to be exclusively agriculture, nothing is of greater importance, than that facilities should be afforded to the farmer for the exportation of his produce, and the importation of those articles of consumption which he must necessarily seek at a distant market. Amongst the list of conveniences indispensable to his interest, places of deposite favorably situated for the reception of his exports and imports, stand most pre-eminent.

In vain may navigable streams offer their aid to transport his property to its destined market, unless at convenient points it can be secured, protected and preserved, to await the ordinary mode of commercial intercourse; but whilst for his surplus produce a place of deposite is secured, the advantages of finding combined with it a market on the spot for that surplus and the means of purchasing near his home, all the necessaries which habit has required for the comfort and enjoyment of life, must strike, with irresistible force, every inquiring mind.

Impressed with those considerations, the proprietors of the land immediately below the mouth of Big Hatchie, offer to the public the opportunity of realizing the views above stated.

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The bluff at this point is lofty and commanding, affording a view of that majestic stream for the distance of twelve miles in each direction, including a prospect of the embouchure of the Big Hatchie. Between the foot of the bluff and the river, lies a plain, of the width of from eighty to two hundred yards, which is never overflowed at the highest stages of the annual floods; this offers the most favorable site for warehouses and other buildings more immediately connected with the business of the river.

Inventory of the County Archives of Tennessee, 75 Rutherford County (Murfreesboro)

A warehouse has been for some time erected at that point, free from inundation, yet so situated that the lading may be removed from the guards of a steamboat, directly into the door of the house. Many similar situations are there to be found, as the landing for boats of any description at this place, is not excelled at any point between the mouth of the Ohio to New Orleans.

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At this point the Mississippi runs nearly south, until it reaches the spot where the warehouse now stands; it then turns gradually to the west. One striking advantage resulting from this fact is, that boats descending the river, by the natural impulse of the current, will almost without further labor than giving them direction from the rudder, land directly at the warehouse.

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Within the limits of the town of Randolph, are four fine springs, breaking from the bluff and running into the river, and a fifth in the Southeast corner of the town, which runs off in a bold stream in a south eastern directions. The country extending on the east, and south west of Randolph is elevated, healthy and fertile, finely timbered, and abounding with springs, inferior to none in the Western District.

There are no swamps, lakes or bayous to interrupt the intercourse between the town and the interior of the country, east, south, and south west, at any season of the year. From the town of Covington, the seat of Justice in Tipton county, fourteen miles distant, a good road has been opened to a point within four miles of Randolph, and will shortly be completed the whole distance; another is also about to be opened to the settlement of Big Creek, in Shelby County, and thus the whole country south of Big Hatchie, will have an easy intercourse with the town by land at all seasons.

In advertisements of this description it is too common to deal in fiction, and indulge imagination to a romantic extent to the future glories of the projected town.

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But when we reflect upon the facts of its being at the mouth of the most important stream in the western district of Tennessee — a stream flowing for two hundred miles through a wealthy population and fertile country, which must transport all its produce by means of that stream, that the Mississippi affords communication safe and speedy with the grand emporium of the commerce of the United States, the West Indies, and South America, we may surely venture to assert that it must become a town of importance, inferior to none in Tennessee.

The sale of lots in Randolph will commence on Monday the 19th day of November next and continue from day to day until completed. They will be sold to the highest bidder, on a credit of one and two years. Bond and security being given by the purchaser.

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JOHN T. Every male between the age of eighteen and forty-five, shall be taxed three dollars each, Street tax, payable in four equal installments, say on the 10th January, April, July, and October. Flat boats are allowed 24 hours at the landing free of wharfage; after that time for retailing or vending, they shall pay one dollar per week for the first two weeks, or three dollars for a month, or five dollars for six months, in advance.

Exhibitions, for which money is received, shall be taxed five dollars for each time they exhibit, and fifty cents fee to the Recorder of this Corporation. Be it further ordained, That GAMBLING with cards or otherwise, shall be fined from five to twenty dollars for each offense; and in case of refusal or inability to pay, to be imprisoned from ten to thirty days in the county jail; one half the fine to be awarded to the informer --slaves for the same offence shall receive from ten to thirty stripes.


SHOOTING, unless it is necessary to kill some animal or blasting stumps, trees or logs, shall be fined from two to five dollars; slaves for the same offence shall receive from ten to thirty stripes. Brawling, Fighting, Rioting, or Drunkenness, shall be fined from five to twenty dollars for each offence -- slaves for the same offence shall receive from twenty to thirty-nine stripes.

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Vending Liquors in less quantities than a quart withoutor selling to slaves without a permit from their owner, shall be fined from one to five dollars for each offence. Vending merchandise or liquors on Sabbath, except stores to boats passing shall be fined three dollars for each offence.


Loading or unloading wagons, carts, or drays on the Sabbath day without a permit from the Mayor, shall be fined for each offence three dollars. Slaves offering to vend property not of their own manufacture without a permit from their owner, shall forfeit the same to this corporation, to be refunded to the slaves' owner on application for the first offence -- if slaves on a week day, shall be in possession of their owners' horse, wagon or cart, it is deemed a sufficient permit.

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Dogs running at large without collars on their necks, are subject to be shot by the constable; and the owners of the dogs shot, shall pay the constable twenty-five cents each for shooting them. Proud Sluts running at large, shall be killed by the constable; and the owners of said sluts, shall pay the constable one dollar for killing said sluts.

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Persons causing obstructions in the streets shall be fined five dollars for the first offence, and ten dollars for each successive offence; and one dollar per day for the time the obstructions remain in the streets. Persons refusing to perform any duty ased them by the board of Mayor and Aldermen of this corporation, shall be fined seventy-five cents for each refusal.

No person shall be permitted to place cordwood on the flat boat landing, nor to make a rank of cordwood on the steamboat landing of greater length than twenty-four feet, nor to approach nearer each other than twenty feet, nor to place more than three ranks alongside of each other; breaches of this ordinance shall be fined five for the first offence, and ten dollars for each succeeding offence; and the wood subject for the liquidation of the fine.

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The high Constable of this Corporation, shall be, by virtue of his office, overseer of the streets, master of patrols, wharf-master, and fire-warden; it is his duty to remove all nuisances or dead bodies beyond the limits of this corporation, to collect all taxes, fines and forfeitures; to serve all processes for infringements of the by-laws of this corporation, and enforce all the ordinances of this corporation. All assemblies of slaves without a permit from their owner and the Mayor of this corporation, shall be punished with twenty lashes on each individual arrested.

It shall be the duty of the fire-wardens of this corporation to examine all chimneys, stoves, and stove pipes within the limits of this corporation; and if any chimney, stove, or stove pipe, be deemed by said fire-wardens and constable to be unsafe, or endangering the safety of property in the limits of this corporation; it shall be their duty to notify the occupant of the house in which said chimney, stove, or stove pipe is placed, to have the same removed -- and at the expiration of twenty-four hours, if the said chimney, stove, or stove pipe, shall be found still unsafe, it shall be the duty of the high Constable to summon a sufficient force to remove such unsafe chimney, stove, or stove pipe at the expense of said occupant.

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It shall also be the duty of said fire-wardens and constable to take notice of all collections of shavings, or other combustible matter that may be found in any workshop or house, or contiguous to any house or outhouse, that they may consider a nuisance of endangering the safety of property, and notify the person owning or causing such nuisance or danger, to have the same removed forthwith; and if the same be not removed within twenty-four hours from the time of such notice, the high Constable shall summon a sufficient force to remove said nuisance at the expense of the owner or person causing such nuisance.

A side walk shall be allowed of eight feet wide out each side of each street of sixty-six feet wide, and on all narrower streets, a side walk of six feet wide on each of the same shall be allowed.

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Obstructions in side walks, or hitching a horse in the same, shall be fined for the first offence fifty cents, and for each succeeding offence one dollar. Stallions and Jackasses standing within the limits of this corporation, shall pay a tax of five dollars per season; and any person exhibiting them in the streets shall be fined five dollars for each offence.

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